Friday, August 15, 2008

Today is the Sixteenth day of the August challenge

Tribute To a Beautiful Earth
Celebrating and Conserving Our Planet with

and I decided to play a bit with melted coloured beeswax.

Blue Underwater Abstract I - The Hunt,
encaustic art on paper
size: A6

p&p worldwide is FREE


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful abstract, and love how you made it.
Mary Schiros

Anonymous said...

I would like to award you the Arte Y Pico Award for your blog.
If you accept this award, you are suppose to award it to five other bloggers.
Also you are suppose to post you received the award on your blog.

It all started with this blog from Uruguay
it is in spanish. Although I do not know the language, the site is interesting.
There is no other obligation. No big deal if you do not want to be part of this.
I liked your site and thought of you for this award.

I found it fun reviewing others that had the award and decided to pass this along.

Mary Schiros

On a Whimsey said...

Very nice!