Thursday, July 10, 2008

I painted this one as a contrast to "Pink Beast". It is not meant to be a certain species and to be frank I kind of see it sometimes as a bird and sometimes as a prehistoric species. As usual it is the feeling or emotion and expression that matters the most to me and I therefore prefer my subjects to be non-realistic and non-species specific. For the same reason most of my figures have only indicated some facial expressions because I do not want to show a specific human being but more a specific human emotion or experience. I like body language because it is so expressive. I hope to continue to develope using this kind of ways to express things. That leads me into studying cartooning as well as oriental art because both use non photorealistic ways of expression. I hope you enjoy those works of mine.

Young and Vulnerable,
acrylics on canvas panel
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Anonymous said...

I think that a very good title was chosen for this painting because "young and vulnerable" is exactly the way that the bird appears to me.