Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I have been organizing better som of my older paintings and I realize that I maybe like the most the very abstract ones - the ones that express emotions. As for style, I love rough shapes where there is no painting within the lines. Just a couple of weeks ago a lady contacted me wanting to use one of my very simplefied paintings for a conference. That gave me new confidence to believe my very naivistic paintings also have a purpose even though they might look very badly painted along the more realistic paintings on my online gallery.

Today's painting is one where a figure is walking so deep in thought that the landscape is totally dimmed. He is obviously kind of lost not only in thought but maybe a bit in life at this captured moment. By making this painting with so little detail, kind of empty, I hope to capture this lost feeling. I hope you like it.

14-2016 Walking Deep in Thought -
abstract oil painting on paper 20x28cm
$99 Free shipping worldwide

Sometimes I play around with how it would look in a colored frame in the same tones as the painting. Here I have put a simple mount on top to show you what I mean.