Monday, March 30, 2009

Trudging Uphill,

acrylics on paper



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I have added a new book in my lulu store:

Small and Beautiful colour version(book)
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In the spring and summer of 2008 I had the great pleasure of discovering a world around me that one way or another had slipped past me for many years. Armed with a single digital camera I went looking for all that was small and vibrant. My hope is that these small images in this little book will remind more people of the breathtaking scenery and life forms we have around us. In many of the texts, I have sought to create a content that can be understood in both a concrete and abstract way. Nevertheless, I would like to emphasize that my desire is that any reader should feel completely free to enjoy and interpret the pictures and texts quite freely

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Small and BeautifulSmall and Beautiful (book) Black and white
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