Saturday, February 23, 2008

Unfortunately most of us I think have a bad habit of not saying to ourselves how fair we are when looking in the mirror. Instead we talk ourselves down as one of the first things we do in the morning while brushing our teeth. I work very hard to avoid doing negative self talk like this but there seems to be an evil witch inside my head leading such bad words to my grumpy morning mouth. My dream is to wake up and say Jippii another day has started. LOL me being a B-person, that is probably a dream never coming completely true, but I can get closer. Life is way too short to give it less quality by starting every day with negative affirmations. Don't you agree?

Mirror Mirror on the Wall . . . ?,
subtitle: Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest of the all? Not me that is for sure!

acrylics on canvas panel

p&p worldwide is FREE



blh said...

I am going to buy this painting because I have a number of physical ailments that have affected my appearance, most recently psoriasis. This artist seems to understand that one often sees oneself in the mirror as looking worse than one really does.

I will hang this painting next to my most used mirror to remind myself to look at myself realistically, rather than emotionally. After all, I may not look nearly as good as I used to look because of bad reactions to medications, stress, age, etc., but at least the psoriasis has not yet affected anything that is obviously apparent. I should remember that and be grateful!

Thank you, Trine!