Monday, December 10, 2007

This weekend I have made another two of my early 2007 paintings ready to travel across the Atlantic. twice weekly visits to the postoffice has become a nice habit.

My cold has found a nice place to settle a couple of places in my lungs. At least that is how it feels. Got new astma meds but have not started using them yet. It has been awhile since I last used them and I did not want the heatbeat I use to get on them. Tomorrow I will have to start my day on them, that is for sure if I am to go to work which I probably will.

My son was home this weekend with my car but I ended up being nice again and the car left together with him tonight so I will have to walk to work tomorrow unless I get a lift with a collegue. I will see how I feel first.

Getting grading and commenting on end of term papers done has been pretty hard this weekend because the cold seemed to have worn me down more than I was prepared for. I am short of breath just by walking around doing normal stuff in the house.

Is it safe down there?,
ink on shuen paper
size: 13x17cm
$30 p & p worldwide with International Prioriy mail included. ( 4-7 days Norway-USA)