Thursday, December 27, 2007

Stormy Blue Waves,

acrylics on artist canvas panel

18x24 cm

$100 p&p worldide included

This painting is painted using the new acrylics paints I got from my daugher this Christmas.
As I am getting closer to a new year I find myself a bit "stormy" inside. What will the new year bring? Will I be up to its challenges? The scariest thing is whether I will be able finally to get the slim and healthy body I would like to have. Doing this painting a day thing is the easy part - that only takes dedication a few hours, getting that improved body takes dedication 24/7 week after week after week, month after month. I am very good for months on end and loose that weight in a healthy way then my life gets too stressed and I gain it all again in no time. Will 2008 be the year I manage not to loose the grip? I am so tired of struggling so hard to get the weight down and then get it all back on ( and sometimes a bit extra too). I do not much look forward to this very very long battle of the bulge. As some of you know I am for the rest of my life on metabolism medication due to low metabolism so there are no short cuts or magic diets or whatever for me, only lots of exercise and very lean and healthy living over a very long time.

SIGH. In many ways this journey has been like the waves, up and down again and again in stormy times.