Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Work Place Desember 2007

This is my dinnertable which is in the living room of my house where everything is and where everything goes on. I vary what I have out on the table with what medium I work in of course.

I must admit however that usually both that and the big coffetable beside the coach and every other surface of my living room is filled with materials, reference images, books, old newspapers to use under paper as well as for removing excess water from brushes, canvases, frames etc etc etc. I usually tidy up before weekends when my kids will be home and of course now towards Cristmas, my living room can not be my studio. :-).


Delilah said...

You must be so much neater than I am. I would have paint every where. When my studio flooded in September I moved my painting are to the kitchen until I could sort through everything and the kitchen was a mess all the time.

Diane said...

Trine, yours is much neater than mine too!!! It looks like a bomb has gone off here-pictures and paints everywhere!!!speak soon, love Dixx