Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today I set up my living room table with all my chinese brush painting paraphenalia. My goal for the weekend is to practice insects. Here are my first tries in quite a while.

This one I think ended up fairly OK - I liked the autumn feel of it.
Praying Mantis in brown Leaves,
watercolours on ricepaper
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Below is the same painting in a green mount to show you how it could look if we used only a portion of it. It looked quite nice in my opinion. This was a new brand of rice paper and this far I am hapy with the quality.

This is one I was not happy about but nevertheless it was good practice as how the colours act with the paper..

Praying Mantis in Green Leaves, watercolours on rice paper


This is a print of a drawing my very talented collegue Ottar Flated did as a 10 minute demonstration for the students of my class. I so wish I could draw like him.