Saturday, April 12, 2008

This Friday Drangedal had it's spring Cultural Evening at Drangedal Church.

The program was a mixture of all kinds of mucical entertainment from the local music school to singers and other musical perfeormers from the area. In addition we were two women displaying our paintings and tho men displaying photos.

First of all here is the program. In the end the minister and I decided we would just say abstract paintings instead of printing all the titles.

My paintings were displayed on both sides right when you enter the main room in the church. Due to the church being on a cultural saving list we could not put as much as 1 nail into the walls so in the end we used bluetack and besides that put the paintings in frames that could stand either in teh window or on the table or a bench. I chose simple silver frames to make them fit in with the way the church was painted.

A look forward from my work into the main area of the church.

And a closer look on my display of abstract figure painting on the table. I also had 3 of my bird paintings in watercolour on that table.

I had 3 works displayed in the window on the other side and two on the wall beside it. They had safetylines to a hook that was there before and that was a good thing because suddenly one of the paintings started to dangle in the air when the bluetack came untacked.

This was also one of the areas that was used for serving coffee and cake during the pause.

Here is a photo of Elvira Oseids paintings which were hung from the gallery as well as on the walls in the left wing. They are all naturalistic so I chose to only show my abstracts

On the right wing side the photos were displayed. The photo is taken after all the visitors had left.

One of the students in my class Fredrik gdynia played Air by Bach. I so love that music.

I thought I had to show myself too. I am not too happy about the photo and it is a bit blurred but that is how it ended. LOL I would also have liked to be a couple of sized smaller myself

Here is one of the singers and a couple of the lovely floral arrangements by Reidun Jacobsen who has also done the lovely drawings on the front of the program as well as decorating teh church and helped hang the photos.