Friday, March 02, 2007

Yesterday was a strange day. It was the first time in about two months where I did not post. It did not feel right not to, but I told myself that the world would not go under. I do not think skipping will be a habit. It did not feel right. So what did I do yesterday night. I planned my holiday is April. Then my mum and I will be going to England where we will attend wet on wet classes on florals. I do it mostly for the trip and plans to sketch a lot and buy tons of artist materials. I also look very much forward to meeting people I have only talked to online. It will be great to be in the same workshop painting. Afterwards we painters will have a dinner and a few of us has rented rooms at the same travel lodge. I think it will be great. So what i did last night was to spend hours deciding what plans to take, where to stay ( three different places) check on buses and availability by public transportation booking etc etc. I really hope it will be a wonderful mum and daughter trip.

Well, I guess you expecyt an artwork too. Here are a few ACEOs done in watercolours and one in pastels. Viol, Red Clover, Tree in pastel, Trees along path

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