Saturday, March 17, 2007

ACEO ATC 07-03-26 Brown Mountains

ACEO ATC 07-03-25 Seascape

ACEO ATC 07-03-24 Three Flowers

I've been thinking a bit over the last few days. I have not reached a final opinion yet but I feel that I am getting somewhere. On one hand I sometimes feel that my simple compositions are substandard to more complicated ones but on the other hand what I often fall for in other oartit's art is very simple lines and compositions so maybe my style IS the simple shapes and compositions? On the other hand my goal is a more advanced simple compositions and style. Keep following me and you will see me develope my style further. For now I just continue to force myself to post both the works that I am very happy about and the ones I think are lousy. Then you the viewer will have to make up your mind on each and every work. The strange thing is in fact that often the works people flal for is the ones that I nearly binned. For that reason I do not completely dare to believe myself and my opinion of my own works. I always put them aside at least and then look at them again some time later.