Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lately, I have Struggled with feelings of not being able to produce anything worth while. Part of it is totally non rasjonal because I did sell 4 works this last week. The other pat is very rasjonal because I do have so much more to learn and mys kills still has and wil for a long time have serious flaws.

The problem is that most of the time I am able to just work and not mind whether the results would be good or bad or even very bad. These last weeks I got way too focused on the quality of the results instead of the quality of the process of crfating and learning art. I do not know what to do to break free again but that is what I aim for.

Yesterday at school we had bishop's visitation. It was14 years since the last time so all the students could ask questions for on hour and then the teachers had coffee and cake with him and his adminiastasion. I was a bit disappointed because he was as round and unclear in his words as a politician.
These days the big church issue in the news is that the Oslo Bishop refused a priest a job as a substitute priest because he lived in a gay partnership. Our bishop had supported him in the news agains the majority of the bishop's councel. I do not agree with our bishop's views on this issue but I would have respected him more if he had been clerer on his moral views. He answered the teenagers equally round on tobacco, drinks, single mums etc. Anyway, he inspired my play with colours on these aceos (ARTist trading cards 2.5x3.5in).


Shant said...

You might find the book "The Artist Way " helpful. All artists struggle its part of the process. It never ends because you always feel your best painting is still to come. In this book it gives you many good things tohelp you understand the artist's life. It has helped me.
Shanti Marie Artist