Sunday, October 15, 2006

Mosaics used on objects

I have been playing with glueing glass mosaic on boxes and glass objects. It is sort of recycling stuff which is very nice. The boxes were leftovers from my kids craft projects years ago and the glass bowl one that was from my youth that my mum put away on a major clering out of old stuff. I'll need I see to add a rim to the glass bowl and add some grouse to the edge of the lid of the multisided black and white box. Will keep you posted. I plan on using the glass bowl when finished for candy on the next exhibition in November and the blue and white hexagon one for my cards. No one im my area works with mosaics or glass except for painting on glass so I'd like to brin some objects just to show that playing with glass and mosaics is also an option for craft interested people.