Friday, December 18, 2009

Last day at work with goodbyes to students and collegues and all. Me, I am so worn out that I have suffered from periodically blurring of vision on one eye since Tuesday. It returned today as well so paracetamol and bedrest in a dark room has been my main activity since I came home. Due to two of our language teachers being on maternity leave this year, the ones of us remaining have had a bit too much to do lately because our end of term grading and evaluating load have been double this year. Also, due to our school using a socalled learning platform and al students having their own pc - too much intense focusing on screens is part of life as a teacher these days. Students also write 2-3 times longer texts these days. The good part is that it is much easier to read printed essays than handwritten ones - the downside is the length even though we do want students to write much LOL.

Also, as teachers all over the globe know, we keep getting new directions from every level from the government and down all the time. SIGH - no need to say more.

Anyway, tomorrow my holiday starts and hopefully I will manage to find energy to start getting my house cleaned before Christmas and the parcels sent.

Today's painting is one I did earlier in a filosophical mood.

Early Lifeforms, Illustration
watercolours on paper