Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I am sorry to tell you that I have caught a bad summer cold and have been totally incapable of any work or painting for a few days. I now hope for tomorrow to be a better day.

The interview in "Teen Trend Magazine" is no out on the newstands but unfortunately I have not yet received my copies in the mail so I can not show you it. I hope it arrives tomorrow so that I can scan it in and show you.

The roof is nearly done now, the new roof over the entrance too but still there is quite a few things like waterpiping to be done before it is complete.

I start work again on the 16th so I really hope my cold will go away quickly. Unfortunately I got an sms from my collegue today and she is still struggling with hers more than a week after it started, so cross your fingers for me.

I hope to show you more photos tomorrow