Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blue Owl Looking at You, abstract acrylics on paper ca 20x29cm $100 Free shipping


Lucia said...

Are you serious?

Trine said...

The answer depends very much on what you mean. I am a very serious person with a job I take very seriously (teacher at juniour high school). Is my art serious? or is my owl serious? Yes, and no. I strive for the abstract, the whimsical, the naive or cartoonish or supersimplefied as my path to expressing. So the expression formally might not be serious in the meaning of it not being "fine art", but there is no less serious thoughts or feelings or experiences behind the expressions than if I had spent a day painting a landscape or an apple in oils.

If you prefer the more realistic style and only posted the question to try to make me feel bad this day just before Christmas, then please just go to where there are loads of very talented artists in many diferent styles and thems whom I can recommend.